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How Do We Run Our Consultations?
The consultation includes an interview, a secondary meeting, questionnaires, and tests which depend on your work field. In the first meeting, we’ll decide on your goals and formulate expectations. Then, we’ll examine various aspects related to the decision, such as skills, tendencies, difficulties, educational and employment background, expectations, dreams, possibilities, etc. In the third phase, we’ll make a decision about your optimal employment.

How Long Does the Consultation Process Take?
The process is individual and changes from person to person. We are careful to match different processes for the needs of each person. Every process has similar steps: setting goals, assessment, tests if needed, listing options and making a decision. We can estimate, on average, that most consultation processes will take 5-10 sessions.

Who Should Use the Consultation Process?
The consultation process is for anyone who feels that he or she has not achieved the full potential of his or her skills and is interested in a change. It can draw a focus on any questions or problems in the area of employment, career or studies. The process is designed for people who have been considering a change for some time, but don’t find themselves progressing: people who are unsatisfied with where they are, but don’t know exactly why. It’s also for people who think that a meeting with a professional consultant will help them to decide what path to choose.

Does the Process Also Include Diagnosis?
Not necessarily. Sometimes questions and discussions are enough. In certain cases we use a few questionnaires. The tests are usually used for younger people, or people whose background has not allowed them to fully grasp their own skills and abilities.

Other cases suitable for diagnosis might be those who need an official evaluation of their abilities, or those who want to switch to a business field in which they have no experience.

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I feel that the process gave me hope, that I can finally enjoy work instead of feeling like a robot. I like meeting new people, but I hated my job. Now I have the courage to try something different.”

Jeanette, 38, Brooklyn, NY

"When I came to the first meeting I was feeling really overwhelmed. I felt like I didn’t know where to turn in the job market.

The process that I went through helped me sort myself out on a personal and professional level, and focus myself and my career.

With Joan’s help, I dealt with issues and perspectives that I had neglected or undervalued, and discovered new things about myself. I came out of the process highly motivated for the future. Now I know what my goals are.”

Ben, 32, Queens, NY

"Thank you, Joan, for doing a great job. You helped me choose a new direction."

Lisa, 55, Edison, NJ


Some people are lucky. Since they were born they've known exactly what they want to do for the rest of their life. Others look their whole lives for the right profession and still can’t find it. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help!

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In the last few decades, the world has experienced structural and conceptual changes in the labor market. Certain professions disappeared or are in the process of dying while new professions proudly took their place. The main change is the rise of several high-tech professions at the expense of low- tech positions.

The ready-made clothing industry, for example, has suffered from sharp changes that led the majority of workers to lose their jobs. Reliable and quality career advice gives people help with the process of choosing the right career that can provide them and their families with a nice job that will help them make a living.

That’s where I come in.

With over 15 years of experience working as a human resources recruiter, I learned the needs of jobseekers, and that gives me the opportunity to help other people.

Career Advice

For many people, the process of choosing the right career takes a lot of time and contains a lot of doubts and questions.

Choosing the right profession is not easy the way it used to be. That’s because of a variety of new professions that didn’t exist before .Some positions are not available anymore (such as milk delivery or clothes washing) and that doesn’t help for a normal person in pursuit of their dream job.

So, what considerations motivate us when choosing a field of study or profession?

First of all we have to understand what’s important to us, what motivates us. We also need to scale our needs and wishes. After that, we have to keep an attitude that we’re doing well, that this decision might help us to find the right job. In summary, the information gathered forms an understanding of professional identity and employment, determining which is the most appropriate occupational choice for each person.

If you still get lost in the variety of options and it is important for you to find your best option, we do recommend you seek professional counseling.

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